Thursday 20 December 2012

Monday 17 December 2012

During the US elections I was struggling to find something humorous get my teeth into then out of the blue I hear of a protest Muppet march to Washington. Muppets marching to Washington!!! a cartoonist couldn't ask for better material!! Apparently Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had pledged if he became President he would end federal funding for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) who just happen to produce programmes like Sesame Street.

The West Coast rail franchise fiasco, this major cock up by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlins department will end up costing the tax payer over £40 million. That’s him dressed as a Jester by the way tied to the front of Sir Richard Branson's train.

Here's the first.

I'm not a great fan of David Cameron, however I did feel the questions David Letterman threw at him on the Late Show were a little bizarre. However they were a great inspiration for this cartoon. By the way Cameron’s reference to Boris was down to the fact London’s Mayor Boris Johnson had been a guest on the Late Show previously and was rumoured to have given Cameron some advice about appearing on the show.

I've been producing caricatures for various national and international publications for quite a few years now, however I've recently decided to have ago at something different. Political cartoons! this is an area of cartoon/caricature I’ve always been keen on doing but because of the amount time and effort I’d have to put in to create a selection of political cartoons I’d be proud of, I’ve managed to keep putting it off over the years. That is until now, I’ve set myself a target of at least one political cartoon per month in-between commissions. I’m hoping these cartoons will generate some interest and perhaps a little entertainment.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Martin Popes Caricatures & Cartoons

Hi to anyone that’s interested, I’ve decided to start writing a blog at long last. My aim is to share with you some of the projects I’m working on or have recently worked on. Please bear with me as I’m fairly new to this so it may take me a little time to start posting on a regular basis but hopefully it won’t be long before it becomes a regular routine.