Thursday 27 November 2014

2nd front cover for the Financial News

Love working with these guys as the subject is always interesting and they usually set me a near impossible scene to draw. You’ll see what I mean with the next image I post.  This one however was far easier and well in my comfort zone. Creating artwork that includes a verity of body language and facial expressions was right up my street.  This artwork supported a very interesting article about stress in banking . Only half of the artwork  was used on the front cover whereas the whole piece was used  on a double page spread inside. This is how it was used on the front cover
 And this is the full piece used on the double page spread.

Thursday 20 November 2014

Airline Economics front cover

Here’s one of the many front covers I’ve  created for “Airline Economics “. I’ve chosen this one to post because it’s quite different to what I normally produce. I enjoyed creating the drama by using a lot of dark shadow, thunderous sky and bolts of lightning etc.

Thursday 13 November 2014

World Cup MR Moonshine

This commission was from a past client Mr Moonshine, an online drinks company . If you scroll down you’ll see an earlier post featuring the first artwork I produced for this company.  Anyway this particular commission was taken on around the time of the world cup. The brief was to come up with another website header design featuring some of the original characters, only this time it had to be on the theme of  the World Cup. As the world cup was held in Brazil my brief was to include the famous statue of Christ The Redeemer plus some footballers from Brazil and England. As you can see the  hillbillies and their truck from the original artwork were replaced with a brightly coloured truck plus some Brazilian dancers. Mr Moonshine and his cronies also had a change of vehicle, a nice soft top sporting the England colours. Mr Moonshine features as the ref, even so it 
still didn’t help England stay in the cup. I thoroughly enjoyed recreating these old characters and introducing them to a new environment. Great fun to do, with a bonus of some superb feedback from a very happy customer.
Some close ups of the artwork

Financial News 900th issue front cover

Apologies I’ve neglected this blog over the last year and haven’t  been posting much at all. However with a new year fast approaching I felt it was time to post some artwork and comments on some of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on over the past year.  So here goes.
Front cover for 900th issue of Dow Jones’s “ The Financial News” I was very pleased to take this commission on.  I believe the editor had originally wanted the cartoonist  Martin Handford  (The creator of Where’s Wally) for the job but fortunately for me he wasn’t available. Anyway turned out to be an incredibly complicated piece to draw, however thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Good news is I must have done something right as The Financial News have since commissioned me for another front cover plus a double page spread, more on that later. To the left is the actual front cover and to the right are some of the characters enlarged so you are able to see them in more detail. Some of these illustrations were also used within the publication to complement relevant articles.