Thursday 13 November 2014

World Cup MR Moonshine

This commission was from a past client Mr Moonshine, an online drinks company . If you scroll down you’ll see an earlier post featuring the first artwork I produced for this company.  Anyway this particular commission was taken on around the time of the world cup. The brief was to come up with another website header design featuring some of the original characters, only this time it had to be on the theme of  the World Cup. As the world cup was held in Brazil my brief was to include the famous statue of Christ The Redeemer plus some footballers from Brazil and England. As you can see the  hillbillies and their truck from the original artwork were replaced with a brightly coloured truck plus some Brazilian dancers. Mr Moonshine and his cronies also had a change of vehicle, a nice soft top sporting the England colours. Mr Moonshine features as the ref, even so it 
still didn’t help England stay in the cup. I thoroughly enjoyed recreating these old characters and introducing them to a new environment. Great fun to do, with a bonus of some superb feedback from a very happy customer.
Some close ups of the artwork

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