Thursday 13 November 2014

Financial News 900th issue front cover

Apologies I’ve neglected this blog over the last year and haven’t  been posting much at all. However with a new year fast approaching I felt it was time to post some artwork and comments on some of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on over the past year.  So here goes.
Front cover for 900th issue of Dow Jones’s “ The Financial News” I was very pleased to take this commission on.  I believe the editor had originally wanted the cartoonist  Martin Handford  (The creator of Where’s Wally) for the job but fortunately for me he wasn’t available. Anyway turned out to be an incredibly complicated piece to draw, however thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Good news is I must have done something right as The Financial News have since commissioned me for another front cover plus a double page spread, more on that later. To the left is the actual front cover and to the right are some of the characters enlarged so you are able to see them in more detail. Some of these illustrations were also used within the publication to complement relevant articles.

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